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Our History

From the moment you walk into the courtyard at Cobb and Co Boutique Hotel. The sense of history is palpable. 

As you walk up the cobbled courtyard where the horses were stabled in the days of the stagecoaches, with original style staircases leading up to the rooms, to the warm ambiance of the Restaurant and the upstairs Attic which was used to store fodder once upon a time. We combine modern conveniences while retaining a heritage feel with good old fashioned service.

The building is one of the oldest known original hotel buildings still standing in Mudgee. The section currently housing Cade Kitchen & Bar still retains the original shingle roof underneath the iron, and the beautiful old hand mortised and plugged beams can see be seen in the Attic of the Restaurant.

Built in 1850s, it was well known as an overnight stop for the Cobb & Co Royal Mail Coaches. It was substantial brick building, with the Restaurant section being used to house the Cobb & Co coaches and store fodder for the horses. For 2 shillings a traveller could obtain bed and breakfast, and it cost 8 shillings to stable 2 horses.

Our Head Chef

Renee moved from Sydney 15 years ago to Mudgee, completing her initial training at Zin House, Mudgee under Executive Chef Kim Currie.


Renee's passion is clear in her food presentation, and of course, the flavour! Her motto is “Food is a reflection of your soul”.


You will often see Renee tending to her guests as she loves to make everyone feel as if it were their home.

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